Connecticut Summer

Connecticut Summer

A true sign of late summer heat in Connecticut is when the bees start getting out of the house and start relaxing on the front porch.

bees outside their hive when it is hot out

However it isn't late summer, it isn't even early summer, it isn't summer at all.  Earlier this week brought heat and humidity typically reserved for late July and August around here. However we just went through one of the coldest days in June ever recorded just a week earlier - so needless to say there are no rules left when it comes to weather.

An early Redding resident once said 

“If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

 - Mark Twain

Someone else said "If you want to know the weather in New England just stick your head out the window" - I don't know who, but someone said it, if no one did, I will lay claim.

Back to the bees.  When they get hot - they, like everyone else like to escape the heat of the hive and enjoy a little time on the front porch. Since I have moved their home in to the garden area - presumably safe from future bear attacks they seem happier, knowing I have provided them with at least a slight line of first defence.  And as I had thought they are not a bothersome bunch at all.  I can be in the garden weeding, planting, harvesting and even bumping in to their home and they never do seem to mind - quite a content bunch of bees.

SO if you are new to beekeeping and see your bees congregating outside the hive - don't be afraid or nervous, they are just enjoying the day and beating the heat.

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