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Charcuterie Board Season 2017

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on January 16 2018

Well – its over. The mad rush of the 2017 holiday season, from Halloween through New Years. This was RusticWare’s best season by far. Although we didn’t do any craft fairs this year – with the help of Dina and The Hickories Farm in Ridgefield we sold a record number of charcuterie boards and other handmade RusticWares goods. picked up a nice head of steam throughout the holiday season and I was fast becoming friends with all the helpful people at the FedEx, UPS and USPS stores. One of the biggest challenges about shipping out so many board is having to make the boxes. Unable to find standard shipping boxes that fit some of RusticWares larger boards I had to create boxes from larger boxes.

Reusing cardboard that would be otherwise destined for the dump goes to the core of who RusticWares is and what we care about. Repurposing a box in to a new box, reusing packaging from other parcels to pad and prote4ct our boards and making something from what others consider garbage is what it is all about.

Our charcuterie boards, actually - everything we make is made with time and care so regardless of how bad I want or need to get more product out there – it can’t happen faster than it happens. I created two rounds of new boards within the holiday time frame as we ran out of stock twice!  TWICE! That is a testament to the product and putting a quality board out there. The thing I am most proud of is they sell better in person – when someone gets to interact with the wood, hold it – feel the weight, the smoothness, the feel of the bark – its sold before they know it.

Whether the board you bought, thinking of buying or just admiring has a live edge or not – the mere presence of a big hunk of wood at your dining room table, bar top, counter, coffee table or whoever the charcuterie sets up shop helps us feel connected to the outside. A heavy reminder of where all of our food comes from and no matter if you live on the 20th floor in Manhattan or a remote cabin in Northern Cali – wood ties us together.

I hope your 2017 holiday season was a fruitful and exciting as mine – and I hope your 2018 is off to an even better start.


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