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Black Friday Pushback

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on November 22 2021

This is a plea for normalcy and decency.

Please please please do not be the person that goes early Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. I don't care if you ca get $15 off a 96" TV, or a family sized bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos for a nickel. It isn't worth it to you and more importantly to the hourly workers. Just give everyone a break - for one day? Please?

For 5 - 10 years there has been this slow creep of stores moving further and further into Thanksgiving. And if one store does it, then they all follow suit. Just let it be. Stay home with your family, friends, dogs and cats.

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday because it was the one day corporations could not corrupt. Of course Black Friday is the day after, but on that Thursday there were no gifts, no cards. There was food and booze to be bought - and that was it.

The everyone started losing their collective minds. Black Friday became this sporting event where people were trampled to death. It is amazing what corporations have turned us in to. Animals willing to kill to buy their products.

I know this sounds like a rant - because it is. 

In fact - don't go to the stores on Friday either. Ban it, boycott it. Stay home, take a walk outside. Enjoy leftovers and TV specials. Start decorating your house. Shopping can wait. Trust me- they will still have the poorly made, slave labor plastic garbage on Saturday if you really want it.

Speaking of Saturday. I do suggest you go out and visit local stores on Small business Saturday. It can be anything, a local restaurant, deli, craft fair, artist gallery - hell even a local mechanic. ANYTHING that isn't a national chain is just fine. Reinvest your dollars in to the community rather than sending it where you will never see it again.

Avoiding national retailers on Thursday and Friday and visiting local, independent stores on Saturday is the one true thing you can do for your community and the country. 

Keep it local and enjoy Thanksgiving.



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