Big Boy Bed

After enduring years of ridicule from everyone who has ever visited my house because my mattress was simply on floor - I decided to make it a New Years resolution and build a platform bed.  I got inspiration from this bed at Restoration Hardware

but clearly wasn't going to spend on a bed frame what I typically buy cars for so I made this one. 

The frame itself was rather straight forward and easy - some 2 X 6s, some slats, a bunch of screws, too much over engineering and I had myself a bedframe.  I wanted it a little softer so I painted it grey, washed the paint down with a wet rag, then sanded away until the grain showed through.

I don't have the exact measurements of what I made, but there are plenty online for you to copy - it is exceedingly simple.  If interested in the dimensions of this - hit me up and I will share my blueprints.

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