Another Round Please

The holidays are upon us and that means party season. I am a true believer of never showing up to a party empty handed – no matter what the hosts say.

The type of party always played a part in what I would bring. Guys hanging out – anywhere between a 6 pack to a 30 pack. Heading up to the cabin – bottle of whiskey. A fancy couples party – bottle of wine. Friendsgiving – some type of dip/dish.

simple charcuterie board

Now that I am making my own salami, pepperoni, chorizo, nduja – I of course an ongoing to bring a big charcuterie board filled with my own cured meats and an array of cheeses, breads, crackers, nuts, and pickled garden treats.

charcuterie board

And again, depending on the party I will either bring one of my fancy charcuterie boards – or a simple paper plate. Depends if I know the people, it is close by because if I leave there - is it a must I come back and get it at some point. There are some of my big boys that have no reason to leave the house except for big outdoor get-together on farms when trying to impress the guests.

We recently added some impressive charcuterie boards to the site that I think are worth you are checking out. We have two big hunks, 4” and 3.5” high. I learned about arranging things in levels from an ex-girlfriend. She taught me you needed different heights when setting up tables at craft fairs to draw attention to certain products. I also learned how to make lotion from goat’s milk from her – but that’s a story for another post.

Bringing a chuck of cherry or oak to your next party and piling it high with your own charcuterie – homemade or store bought will surely get people talking about the presentation. It will stand head and shoulders above the other dips, fruit bowls and store-bought cookies – commanding attention from even across the room and from the most discernible and insufferable guests.

thick charcuterie board

We also added a few that still have the rough saw marks left over from the mill where the trees were cut down to size. These markings leave a rustic, raw and powerful reminder of how few hands have touched these pieces from the time the fell to your table. There is something about the thought of a giant mill slowly working across massive cherry trees that is primal - just like the cured meats you are enjoying.

saw cut charcuterie board

Not to be out shown – simple, flat, thin and straight cut boards are a traditional classic that never goes out of style – like good manners and graciousness. These light board can be moved around easily, taken with you, cleaned up quickly and can be stored away in a tall cabinet. I like to keep mine leaned up against the fridge all the time as I think they are that pretty – but if you are one for a smooth clean look in your kitchen – I get it, wipe it down, and stow it away.

thin charcuterie board

I guess what I am trying to say is we have a charcuterie board for every person, occasion, party, kitchen size – and budget. ALL of our charcuterie boards are under $100 – shipped for $20 or under. The most recent one weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs. Twenty-Two Pounds!!!!   That is a monster of a board.

A board for every budget.

Check out our big supply here. Everyone is unique which means we only have one of each – when they are gone – they are truly gone.

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