Another Great Holiday Season

RusticWares had some great events this year.  First we kicked off the season on Black Friday again at the SoNo Holiday Bazaar followed up by a very cool event run by Yelp  and brought to us by Bowties For Your Cutie Pies - (thanks again Lindsay) and finished up in our hometown of Redding, CT with the Redding Artisan Fair.

 Selling online is great- but meeting people in person and making a connection is always preferred.  You can see the excitement in their eyes knowing that they will be giving a cutting board, succulent or wine holder a good home where it will get lots of use or be enjoyed.

Thats what it is all about - use the cutting board every day, display your wine, enjoy your plants - use it, appreciate it.


Enjoy the holidays - relax, rest, be with family and friends.

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