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Big Success

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on June 13 2013

So all in all Georgetown Day was a huge success.  We did a dry run of the booth in my backyard the day before so we knew where everything would go.  We got up early and drove down to Spot 55 on Main Street and set up shop.  It was turning out to be a beautiful day and we didn't even have the truck unloaded before people started checking out Rustic Wares offerings.

We were placed in what was probably the best spot of the entire strip - right across the mill, under the giant American flag hanging off of the fire truck and dead center of all the action.

Once the fair officially opened at noon we had already made a few sales.  One of the first items to go was out giant wood gnarl with succulents planted in it.  We sold cutting boards, terrariums, photographs of the Gilbert and Bennett mill, succulent gardens, candle holders, tables, brick party candles and more - a fantastic day overall.

The only downside is we sold some of our one-off pieces, so we need to take those down from the site.




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