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Medium Sized Maple and Cherry cutting boards

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on May 01 2013

Our medium sized cutting board is the perfect size for presentation during the holidays, get togethers, friends, by yourself, with the dog, OK, whenever.  We are firm believers in not holding on to things until you are too old to use them.  As nice as our medium sized cutting boards are - we want you to use them every day - they can handle the abuse - we swear.

Fashioned from rock solid New England hardwoods Maple and Cherry and fashioned from superior end-grain wood - these cutting boards will be in your family for generations.  We source the wood locally from Randy - our friendly mill man from up the street who does not rush the drying process - but lets his wood sit outside for at least three years.  After that it is off to the kiln they go to finish the job.  When they come out they are rock solid and looking pretty.

We get these beautiful slabs home and rip them down into various sized pieces for a unique and distinctive look.  After that we glue the pieces back together using FDA approved glue, router the edges, sand them a few thousand times, and then add a nice salad bowl finishing oil to them - which is nut free for those party guests with allergies.  

Our Medium Maple and Cherry cutting boards measure roughly 18" X  6" and come ready to use.  Each one is unique and slightly different, but we are sure you will be pleased with them.  Buy something you know was hand crafted and not mass produced and be happy you did so.  Buy it for a friend, as a house warming present, or treat yourself to a nice piece of art in the kitchen.


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