Holiday season

Well the holiday season is upon us.  Thanksgiving has past and Christmas, Chanuaka, Kwanza and the rest are right around the corner. This is the tme when many people over indulge on food, booze and spending.

As I get older I no longer need the presents that I so craved as a kid.  If I want something, I go out and buy it - or better yet make it.  I ask others (family, friends etc) to please not rush out to the mall three days before CHristmas just to buy me something.  If you are on vacation and see something interesting that I might like in June - buy it and hold on to it.  If you see somethign interesting at a store one day - go for it.  But I do not need anyting at this point, my house and workshop is filled with enough plants, trial product runs and things we have created that didn't come out quite as we hoped.

Buying a present for the sake of buying a present should be banned and forbidden - I suppose it was what keeps the economy going, but count me out.  

With that being said - terrariums, succulent gardens, repurposed good for your home - ALWAYS make the perfect gift! 

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