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Briarwood Workshop

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on December 04 2012

Rustic Wares is proud to announce and exclusive partnership with Briarwood Workshop terrariums.  Briarwood Workshop was featured on their local CBS feed for their terrariums and still to this date are the only company we know of to master the art of creating and shipping completed terrariums.  All other sites we have visited, spoke with and bought terrariums from make you put the terrarium together yourself.  They will ship them with a bag of rocks, a bag of dirt, a bag of charcoal, moss, etc and you need ot put it together yourself.

There is obviously nothing wrong with making your own terrarium, but these guys are the experts and we feel if you are purchasing a terrarium as a gift - it should come complete - that's what these guys do best.  Although many of the terrariums they make are not frm repurposed containers - we think you will like them nevertheless.

Each Briarwood Work Shop terrarium comes snugly secured in a triple wall box, contains a Briarwood Workshop sticker and care instructions.


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