2019 Resolution #1 - Do Not Save

2019 Resolution #1 - Do Not Save

The first resolution everyone should be making for 2019 is to stop saving. I’m not talking about money, baby clothes, gold or sea glass from your trip to the Bahamas. My message is to those who save things for special occasions. 

Saving that bottle of wine for an anniversary or good cloth napkins for Thanksgiving or the jar of fancy olives for a cocktail party that may never happen.

Enjoy the things you have today as you may not be around to enjoy them tomorrow.

I remember several months after my mom passed away we hada little moth like insect infestation in the house. We had to fumigate the whole house so we started going through the cabinets to toss anything they might have gotten in to. In the back of one of the higher cabinets was a package of Seattle salmon that my Uncle, her brother had given us for Christmas many many years prior. At this point the salmon was no longer good and it didn’t matter anyways as my Mom was no longer with us to enjoy it.

We all want to hold on to things for that special occasion and then forget about it. Even when/if friends do come to visit it is so far pushed in the back of the cabinet and our minds that we don't remember it. Life shouldn't be that way. We all want to think that a truly special occasion is right around the corner. I remember buying fancy martini glasses soon after I moved out and in to my own place. In my head I imagined having fancy grown up cocktail parties in my little attic apartment in Stamford, CT. Never happened. Not there, not since, not ever.

I understand the need for saving for retirement, college, a cabin or classic car. Saving baby clothes for your next little one or for friends expecting - that I understand. And maybe the idea of saving something for that extra special occasion is our way of thinking/hoping there WILL be a special occasion worthy of the wine you got from your boss. 

Every day should be treated as special. I am not getting preachy or religious, and I'm not saying you should go out today and sky dive without a parachute or try to tightrope on the powerlines. Use the things people got you for presents - thats why they bought them for you - to use. Don't hang on to things, use them, enjoy them, live in the moment - at least for this little things.

You work hard, wake up every morning and do what you need to do to get by and live - you should enjoy a special treat every now and then.

I have written about this before but i think it is a good reminder for everyone, including myself. Im sure most of us got something for the holidays from someone who loves us. A special treat of food, drink, clothes or even a candle.

Do Not Save these items. Use them, enjoy them. Thats why they were bought for you - to use and enjoy, not to sit on in your cabinet to wait until you are dead.

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