18 Awesome Kitchen Utensils Made From Wood

18 Awesome Kitchen Utensils Made From Wood

For beautiful and functional wooden kitchen utensils, look no further than our exclusive stock at Rustic Wares! We have a range of different items to choose from, and they're excellent either to buy for yourself or as a gift. You'll get high-quality designs, and connect with a host of unique items that would look fantastic in both modern and rustic kitchens! 

Outfit Your Kitchen with Rustic Wares' Line of Wooden Kitchen Utensils 

We take immense pride in our line of wooden kitchen utensils. We have something for everyone, and you get top quality for the price. If you need to upgrade or outfit your kitchen, you can get: 

  • Maple Pizza Rocker - Be a hit at your next family night or friend gathering when you use our Maple Pizza Rocker to slice your pizza pie! It comes with a bevelled edge and an easy-grip construction, and has a distinctive design to make it stand out. 
  • Wood Spatula - Take your baking and cooking back to its roots with a classic Wood Spatula. You'll never have to worry about potentially harmful plastics close to your food again when you use our durable and safe spatulas.
  • Soupper Spoon - The slightly curved design of the Soupper Spoon allows you to easily test the texture of your soup and get the perfect sip. Combine it with the wooden handle, and you have a kitchen utensil that'll last for years.
  • Mid-Century Bail & Wire Mason Jars  - These beautiful mason jars bring an old-world charm to your kitchen. You can use them to keep spices or cooking ingredients fresh until you turn them into a delicious dish.
  • Simple Wood Saute Spoon - No collection would be complete without a saute spoon! Get it as close to the hot pan as you like without worrying about plastics, and choose from three different gorgeous colours.
  • Ambrosia Maple Coasters - Add a touch of class to your traditional coasters. Our Ambrosia Maple Coasters will protect your tables from those pesky water rings while elevating anything you drink to a whole new level.
  • Wood Chopper - No matter if you choose to use our Wood Chopper as a scraper or a chopper, it delivers. Made out of New England Hardwood, our chopper is the perfect utensil to use any day of the week to chop of meat or veg.
  • Black Walnut Coaster Set - Chick, elegant and timeless. These are the words that come to mind when people see our Black Walnut Coaster Set. It's the perfect way to add a touch of class and elegance to your drink.
  • Whiskey Barrel Muddler - No home bar is complete without a classic Whiskey Barrel Muddler. Make those delicious mixed drinks with confidence, and let our muddler bring out all of those hidden flavours that make your drinks so smooth.
  • Cherry Cutting and Charcuterie Board - A beautiful but functional piece, our Cherry Cutting and Charcuterie Board has a stunning red tone that gives you the perfect presentation for parties and gatherings.
  • Solid Cherry Charcuterie Cutting Board - The Solid Cherry Charcuterie Cutting Board is perfect for smaller kitchens and spaces. It has a pretty red hue with a slight shine due to beeswax and mineral oil.
  • Solid Maple Charcuterie Cutting Board - The lighter colouring of the Solid Maple Charcuterie Cutting Board makes this a timeless and chic addition to any kitchen. This larger and solid cutting board is perfect for those large gatherings!
  • Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pump - Add a steampunk or vintage twist to your kitchen with this unique and eye-catching Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pump! You can choose from chrome or nickel, and they have a one-size-fits-all lid.
  • One Dozen Counter Top Egg Holder - Keep your eggs organised and in plain view with our One Dozen Counter Top Egg Holder. It's a sturdy and smaller piece that's a perfect fit for large and small kitchens.
  • Wood Burl Wine Holder - Add a stunning piece to your kitchen, bar or wine room with our unique Wood Burl Wine Holder. It's rustic, rugged and perfect as a gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.
  • Bakers Dozen Fresh Egg Holder - You can keep your eggs safe in this gorgeous Bakers Dozen Fresh Egg Holder! Designed to look like a piece of driftwood, it's sure to complement any decor beautifully.
  • Wood Knives - Our Wood Knives may not cut through meat, but they can cut through veg and make for a fun cake knife. They're available in three different colours, and they're so smooth that you'll find yourself using it more often than you might think.
  • Jam Butter Cheese Spreader - Add a subtle touch of class with this Jam Butter Cheese Spreader. The shape enables both function and form, and it's an excellent alternative to your traditional metal butter knife.

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