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Getting the garden started

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on March 17 2015

It is about that time in Connecticut to start your vegetable plants inside.  Over the weekend I got my tomatoes, peppers and pickling cukes all set to go.  I save the seeds from my best looking tomatoes each year, dry them out on wax paper and then put them away in a dry spot for the winter.  This year I have Black Japanese, Jett Star, Cherry, little yellow ones, Heirloom and some that I think are San Marzano's - but I forgot to label so not sure.

I use a simple hanging two bulb fluorescent light with one bulb a grow bulb and the other for bathroom and kitchen - this tip was given to me by an old timer at the hardware store down the street and it seems to work well for my set up.  I also have the pads that soak up water from the trays below to keep them moist there and then use a spray bottle to keep the top soil from drying out.

I keep the light on from when I wake up - around 6AM, until I am ready to hit the bed - around 10:30 or so depending on the night.  In a few days I should start to see some sprouts.  Once they start growing I will put a fan on them to toughen up their stalks, and then once they get a few inches I will transplant the best tomatoes into bigger pots almost three quarters of hte way up to toughen up their stalks even more.



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