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Don't you just love those scrubbing micro beads?

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on February 10 2015

I hope so, because you're eating them.  

The invention of "micro beads" in your body wash was hailed as a revolution as important as the wheel or the internet, but little did we know we would all soon be eating those micro beads for dinner.  You see those amazing little beads are plastic.  You wash yourself up, they scrub away the layers of dead skin and oil and then get washed out to sea.  They are so small that they slip right past any type of water filtration system your town may have in place and then end up in rivers, lakes and oceans where our friendly fish simply swallow then in the course of swimming around.

Then big fish eat those little fish and you eat those big fish.  Then of course, all those amazing scrubbing beads end up in your stomach to not rot away because they are made from plastic - circle of life I suppose.  And now we have millions and billions of those little beads floating around everywhere - never to go anywhere but in to the food chain.

What if Rustic Wares developed an even better technology?  One that scrubbed and exfoliated your skin without using millions of plastic balls?  Well we did.  Deep in the RW Laboratories several long forgotten substances that not only scrub as well as plastic balls, but are actually beneficial to your skin.  We call these three amazing discoveries salt, oatmeal and coffee.  You may have heard of these materials from your science teacher or local historian - they are at the same time amazing and all natural.

I encourage you to find out what else is in the body products you are using, then drop us a line and order soap and lotion that you can be assured of where they came, who made them and whats in them.


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