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The Sauce

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on January 13 2015

Last night we took a break from making our soon to be famous tallow soap, just kidding, we were rendering our new batch of pasture raised, non antibiotic, hormone free beef fat all night long - but we did have time to make a few jars of sauce as well.

As the growing season was winding down we picked what was left of our tomatoes and scored then bloiled them.  We let them cool then put them in a few gallon zip lock bags and froze them unti lthe day when we had time or motivation to turn them into sauce - and for some reason that time was last night.

On Sunday I took the bags out of the freezer to thaw for a while and last night we took out our trusty and very old electric tomato strainer and got to work.  The tomato strainer saves you all the work of trying to remove the seeds, skins and stems of the tomatoes and does it for you.  I like to throw the discarded materials through the strainer a few times to make sure I get all of the juice out of the stuff before it goes in to our compost pile.

Once the straining is done it goes to the stove top to boil off the water and leave us with nothing but the good stuff.  Then it goes in to warm canning jars, place the lids on and into a boiling bath for 3- 40 minutes.  Remove with some tongs and let rest over night.  And voila - you got a great base to make any type of pasta sauce you want.  All natural, nothing but tomatoes and even alone it tastes amazing.  Typically if I planned ahead I would have added a basil leaf or two to the top of each jar for a little flavor - but we can add that when we are ready to cook.



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