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All natural beef tallow - an amazing byproduct

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on January 14 2015

I may have mentioned before that a friend of Rustic Wares is the owner of one of the top ranked butcher shops in America.  That is no small feat considering the resurgence of the local butcher shop.  No longer are people satisfied with getting thier meat from a grocery store who in turn gets it from some high density packed feed lot where animals are shoved in to small spaces with thousands of other animals.  To prevent them from catching and passing along any diseases they shoot these poor guys full of antibiotics, to keep them growing they pump them with steroid and to keep the feed costs down they fill them up with GMO feed.

What does all this do?  I don't really know to be honest with you, but I know happy cows, cows that are brought up in the pasture, have a good life grazing on grass, not pumped up with every chemical we can find has to be better than their not so fortunate cousins.

My friends shop is fully snout to tail - and everything in between and as to not waste anything they provide me with the fat, which I turn in to a myriad of uses including soap, candles and lotion.  Some people intially gasp at using animal fat in their soap, but they do not realize that every major soap bar on the shelves today contains the same thing - except less of the natural stuff and more of the bad fat, along with things I cannot pronounce or would want near my body.

I strongly urge you to read labels, understand what is your meat, food, and products you use everyday - you would be surprised.  All natural tallow soap with so few ingredients you will be happy to use on yourself, your kids, on your face - anywhere.

Tallow soap leaves your skin so smooth and soft you will be kicking yourself you didnt buy a bar sooner.


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