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Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pumps are Back!

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on January 05 2015

We are pleased to announce that our very popular and best selling item of all time are back in stock.  We met with our Jar Guy - Mike on Saturday and picked up a new - old batch of some vintage canning jars.   These jars have the original zinc lids and have some cool designs from some lesser known brands.

We are starting to see these soap pumps pop up everywhere these days however people are using brand new jars from Walmart and other stores.  This defeats the whole purpose!  

Our jars are saved from basements, landfills, cleaned out and re-purposed to make great looking hand and dish soap pumps. Using these recycled jars can save you money by buying your soap in bulk, not buying and then throwing away those plastic ones they sell at the store and thereby reducing the overall amount of garbage being produced and of course making your kitchen, washroom -  or wherever look great.

By re-using these old school soap pumps you are saving a piece of American history.  They date back to between the 40 - 60's and bring a sense of warmth to your kitchen or bathroom.

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