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A few more days until Santa

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on December 29 2014

If you order your soap, lotion, cutting boards or anything else from RusticWares in the next few days there is still more than enough time to get them delivered to your house in time to put them under the tree.  We offer Priority Delivery from the USPS - tracking included so you will be sure it gets there.


From Live Edge cutting boards to all natural and organic soap - RusticWares has the unique items you cannot find at the mall or WalMart.  Why would anyone want to shop at Walmart for Christmas gifts for someone they love anyways?  Most products are made using forced child slave labor - many of the kids making the toys are probably younger than the kids you are buying them for.

And rushing in to buy any old gift certainly doesn't seem personal, thoughtful or caring - get your loved ones gifts this year that mean something, that were made using quality materials, ones that do not destroy the earth and the only one toiling away at odd hours in a basement was me.




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