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Friends with wood

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on December 03 2014

Recently I had a friend, who is a master craftsman give me a call.  He was in the process of emptying out a storage container filled with tools and wood and wanted to see if I wanted any of his scrap wood.  Of course I did.  This is something I notice with all woodworkers - it is very difficult to let a beautiful piece of wood go - even if you have carried it from workshop to workshop - home to home - always thinking you would one day find a use for it.


This is the case with the beautiful piece of Cherry crotch featured on our home page called the Cheery Slab Table.  This is a piece of wood my friend could not part with - one that he carried with him since college - he is 45 years old now.


His final realization that he didn't have the time to work with it, ultimately led him to letting me have it.  I know it was hard for him, but he needed the room and was downsizing and finally getting rid of the storage unit that had been taking up his driveway for a couple of years.


I sat with that piece in my basement workshop for quite some time.  It was so beautiful, I didnt want ot have to cut it up and make something out of it.  SO, in the end, I thought the best solutiuon would be to sand it to as smooth as finish as possible, keep the live edge crotch and GOOD stuff it up and present it as is.  We think it is simply a beautiful piece - we hope you do too.


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